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Get swept up in the magic of one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. For centuries, Paris has been a source of inspiration for artists, writers and lovers with its vibrant history blended with a modern cosmopolitan culture. From the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower, to the beautiful promenade of the Champs Élyséesto the treasures of the Louvre, you’ll be spoilt for choice of incredible things to do in the City of Light.

When to Go and Weather
The beauty of Paris can certainly be enjoyed no matter what the season. However, as with most of Europe, Spring and Summer (April to September) are the better months of the year to plan your visit. During these months the weather is wonderfully mild and the sun shines almost daily. If you do happen to go during the fall and winter months, be sure to pack a fashionably warm jacket and be prepared for a few showers. Paris is known for sudden and intense rainfall so an umbrella is necessary for outings during these months. If the weather isn’t fabulous when you’re there, take the opportunity to explore some of Paris’s indoor sights. Plan a day at famousMusée de Louvre. This incredible art museum is housed in the former palace of King Louis XIV and holds over 400,000 masterpieces, most famously The Mona Lisa. Take a tour of beautiful gothic style Notre Dame Cathedral or do some shopping at Galaries Lafayette, one of the city’s major department stores.

Thanks to the volume of visitors to Paris each year, the city has many transportation systems that will make getting around an absolute breeze, even if you don’t speak the language. For longer distances in the city, the Paris Metro is a very convenient subway system with over 300 stations located all over Paris and is relatively affordable. If you’d prefer to experience the city from above ground then busses are another great mode of transportation. You can even use your Metro pass to transfer to any bus or purchase a new ticket at the Metro stations. For those wanting to try something new, check out the Batobus. This river boat runs up and down the Seine and stops at major attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame. While renting a car and driving is also an option, due to the high volume of traffic and considerable lack of parking it is recommended that hiring a car is left for day excursions outside the city.

If there is one thing the French are famous for it is absolutely amazing food! Whether you’re going all out for a five star experience or simply having a casual lunch at one of the cities many cafes, Paris will have every one of your taste buds jumping for joy! For a casual dinner with unbeatable ambiance check out chef Beatriz Gonzalez’s up and coming restaurant Neva. With a relaxed atmosphere and stunning dishes that put a contemporary spin on French flavours, this is a great place for a low-key dinner. The recent years in Paris have also given way to a number of very chic wine bars offering more than just charcuterie and cheese. Nowadays the trend has moved towards yummy tapas prepared with seasonal market ingredients and paired with a nice glass of wine. Reasonably priced Le Dauphin is a great spot to spend a Saturday evening, or Frenchie Bar à Vins. Boasting that hidden relaxed feel of every great wine bar, Frenchie and Le Dauphin are truly hidden gems.If you find the Parisian culinary scene to be a little daunting, then you can always take in a casual meal at Café Charbon. A popular spot, you’ll love the frantic chatter of the young hip crowd while you enjoy the simple pleasures of French cooking.

Fun Facts
There are more dogs in Paris (around 300,000 of them) than there are children. The City of Lights refers to the number of great intellectuals that have been drawn to the city. France is the most visited country in the world with over 70 million tourists each year.


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    DURATION: Approximately 3 hours
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    Day 1: London to Paris
    Day 2: Paris
    Day 3: Paris to Swiss Alps
    Day 4: Swiss Alps
    Day 5: Swiss Alps to Venice
    Day 6: Venice
    Day 7: Venice to Munich
    Day 8: Munich to Rhine Valley
    Day 9: Rhine Valley to Amsterdam
    Day 10: Amsterdam
    Day 11: Amsterdam to London
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    Day 1 : London to Amsterdam
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    Day 7 : Swiss Alps
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    Day 1 : London, UK to Paris, France
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    Day 4 : Swiss Alps
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    Day 8 : Paris
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    Day 5 : French Riviera
    Day 6 : French Riviera to Florence
    Day 7 : Florence to Rome
    Day 8 : Rome
    Day 9 : Rome to Venice
    Day 10 : Venice to Munich
    Day 11 : Munich to Rhine Valley
    Day 12 : Rhine Valley to Amsterdam
    Day 13 : Amsterdam
    Day 14 : Depart Amsterdam
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Birds eye view of Paris

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  1. Eat a macaroon from a French patisserie
  2. Get a birds eye view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower
  3. Take a stroll along the Champs-Elysees
  4. Leave a flower for Jim Morrison at his grave in Pere-Lachaise Cemetery
  5. Marvel at the wonder that is Notre Dame Cathedral
  6. Ponder the Mona Lisa's smile at The Louvre
  7. Soak up some history at The Palace of Versailles
  8. Walk the same streets that Monet and Picasso did in Monmatre
  9. Take your photo at L'Arc de Triomphe
  10. Smell the roses at the Luxembourg Gardens

No matter how long you intend to stay in the city there is definitive list of sights you absolutely must see before you leave. Without a doubt, no trip to Paris would be complete without paying a visit to the one and only Eiffel Tower. Whether you chose to ride the elevator to the top and enjoy panoramic views of the city or admire this stunning structure from the leisurely green space of the Champs de Mars over a picnic lunch is up to you. A leisurely stroll down the beautiful Champs Élysées is also a must do. Start your walk at Place de Concorde the historic site of the infamous guillotine and end at the iconic Arc de Triumph. As a popular shopping street you can also buy souvenirs or shop for luxury designer goods along the way. Next, take a day and explore the cultural splendour of the Louvre. Even if you are not a museum person, the sheer number of globally significant works of art will have you enthralled. For those that are inclined towards the arts, the richly decorated PalaisGarnier is host to the brilliant Paris Opera. If you are brave enough to venture into a less desirable area of town, you can attend the original Moulin Rouge cabaret show. Finish off your visit with a day trip out to the famous Palace of Versailles which was once home toFrance’s most lavish king, Louis XIV. You will be in awe of the immaculately kept palace and beautiful gardens.